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Keep things running smoothly with a shop management system that works best for your business.

Keep Your Current System

With Mighty, you won’t be locked in to a proprietary system that only works with our parts. We share our catalog information using the latest industry standards and provide a variety of options for connecting and viewing our product information, by integrating with your current shop system.
We are compatible with most of our industry’s top systems, including:

Mighty provides our data directly:

  • MAM (AutoPart-OpenWebs)
  • Epicor (Activant Laser Cat)
  • Janco International (StockTrac)
  • Motor Information Systems (Check-Chart)
  • PartsTech
  • PCI Lube (Inter-link)
  • WHI (NexPart)

Mighty data shows up via

a Third Party provider:

  • Bay Master via API to Mic Online
  • Cloud Auto Service via API to Mic Online
  • wGenuity (iLube) via Motor
  • ISI (Lubesoft) via Motor
  • Jiff Lube ESM via Motor
  • Jiff Lube GROW via WHI
  • Maddenco via Epicor
  • Meineke via Epicor
  • Mitchell1 via API to MIC Online
  • PM Attendant via Motor
  • Protractor via Epicor
  • RO Writer (Midas) via Epicor
  • Tuffy Tire SPARK via WHI
MIC Online Features Include:
  • Year, Make, Model Application Look-up 
  • VIN Decoder and License Plate Decoder 
  • Product Specification and Images
  • Cross Reference to Competitive Interchanges
  • Cabin Air Filter Installation Guide
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedules
  • Fluid Capacity
  • Technical Service Bulletins
  • Light Reset Procedures

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Keep things running smoothly with a shop management system that works best for your business.

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